A not-very-definitive guide to eating (and living) as a vegan in Nashville.

Pizza Perfect January 19, 2010

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I love me some Pizza Perfect.  It’s good.  It’s packed with veggie goodness.  It’s vegan.  What more could you want?  For your convenience, Pizza Perfect has a vegan pizza smack in the middle of their menu.  I forget what precisely it’s called, but it’s something like “Heart Healthy” and it’s a pie free of cheese and topped with nearly all of their vegetable toppings (including broccoli which is always delicious on pizza).  Of course, you can always build your own pie exactly to your specifications, but be sure to steer clear of the pesto, which contains cheese.

Double Yum

Pizza Perfect is everything you want in a pizza place: lots of toppings, zesty sauce, delicious crust, and all the fixins.  They also have pizza by the slice (which I assume is available cheese-less, I didn’t order that), subs, salads, and pasta.  The vibe is very casual and I dig it.  Grab some friends and split a pie.  The ones shown above are Smalls and they were pretty big.   Add a pitcher of Yazoo for extra fun.

Pizza Perfect

1602 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212



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Italia October 11, 2009

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Drag It Through the Garden with Teese

Drag It Through the Garden with Teese

A reader contacted me to tell me there is a pizza restaurant in East Nashville that serves vegan cheese.  I don’t know how this escaped my notice, but you better believe I was excited to check it out for myself.  Italia serves Teese, a vegan cheese substitute.  Up until this particular pizza, I had never tried Teese before as the local stores don’t carry it.  I personally like vegan cheese substitutes for the most part, although I didn’t like them much when I first went vegan.  I like nutritional yeast-based faux cheese sauces, and I like a nice tofu ricotta, which is super easy to make.  Cheeses like Teese, or Follow Your Heart, are actually my least favorite of the fake cheese forms, but they have their place.  And pizzas are one of those places.

This pizza was GOOD.  Seriously.  It was almost like having a pizza with real cheese.  The crust was just the right thickness.  The vegetable toppings were awesome: I had the “Drag it Through the Garden” which comes topped with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, artichokes, broccoli, tomatoes, and basil.  It also came with a garlic dipping sauce (not pictured) that was vegan, just like the kind you get from Papa John’s.  It was awesome and you should go eat some immediately.

Italia did not look the way I expected on the inside.  I was kind of picturing a place where you would get a server, and that’s not the vibe here at all.  You order at the counter and seat yourself among the red-and-white-checkered tables.  While we were waiting on our pizza, a lot of people came in to pick up takeout orders.  They don’t serve any alcohol at Italia, but while I was eating a fellow came in and sat down with his own six-pack, so I guess it’s BYOB–don’t hold me to that, though.  It reminded me of pizza places I used to frequent in my hometown, but with a more veg-friendly atmosphere.  In addition to pizza, Italia also serves up standard Mediterranean fare like hummus, falafel, and grape leaves.  Still, if you’re going to Italia, it seems like you should get the pizza.

I will definitely be heading back here for more awesome vegan pizza.  A small is perfect for two people, or for one if you want leftovers.  You should know that the Teese doesn’t really reheat that well in the microwave (I learned this), and you might want to heat up your leftover pizza in the oven.  I’m just so excited that there’s a place in town serving faux cheese.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until now.

Italia Pizza & Pasta

1600 Woodland St.

Nashville, TN 37206



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Mellow Mushroom September 25, 2009

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Mmmmmmmmm, cardboard

My first post about Mellow Mushroom did not include pizza.  That is basically blasphemy, but I’m remedying it now.  Mellow Mushroom makes the best cheese-less pizza I have ever had.  It’s better than pizza I make myself at home with fake cheese.  It’s WAY better than anything Pizza Hut will deliver to your house, with their paltry amount of toppings.  Just writing this post is driving me crazy and I really think I will need to go to the ‘shroom immediately upon its completion.  Plus, they have spring water dough, says the adorable mushroom on the box, and I don’t think he would lie to me.

Behold, my custom creation

Behold, my custom creation

This is my masterpiece.  I recommend you build your own pizza at the ‘shroom to ensure maximum deliciousity.  First, be sure to tell your server that you do not want butter or parmesan on the crust.  Usually, when you say “no butter or parmesan on the crust,” the server will say something like “make it vegan, got it.”  And then I always feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Your results may vary.  Next, you have to choose a base.  Here is the magic rule to have the best pizza ever: DO NOT order red sauce.  You may be clutching your chest or falling out of your chair in shock, but trust me on this.  The reason you don’t want to order red sauce is because when they bake the pizza, the crust and sauce will get dry.  It won’t be as good as it could be.  If you have your heart set on marinara-y goodness, ask them to put the sauce on the pizza after it is baked (it will still be warm because that’s how they store it) or just get a dish of it on the side for dipping/pouring purposes.  So what do you get on your pizza if you don’t get red sauce?  You get olive oil & garlic.  It’s vegan.  And it’s heaven.  A little bit of heaven in a (pizza) pie.

After that, go nuts with the toppings.  The pizza above includes green peppers, mushrooms (duh), onions, roma tomatoes, spinach, and BBQ tofu.  Yes, BBQ tofu.  They also have regular tofu (but why get that when there’s BBQ?) and tempeh, for those of you who prefer your protein fermented.  I highly recommend this particular combination and being amazing, but the pizzas are practically infinitely customizable.

The other thing about Mellow Mushroom that is amazing?  The beer club.  This is a relatively new facet to the ‘shroom experience, and of course I am a member.  They give you this little plastic card, and if you drink 60 different beers, you will get a special 20 oz. mug that will be yours forevermore (they store it at the bar, no taking it home) so from then on you get larger drafts.  Larger drafts, my friends!  You also get your name on a plaque and a t-shirt.  And we all need clothes, right?  They also have a truly fantastic selection, and since they change out the taps pretty often, you can try a lot of different brews.  My current favorite: Yazoo Sly Rye Porter.  Drink it; you can thank me later.  Oh, and happy hour is from 3 – 8 Monday through Thursday and all day Sunday, and you get half off all drafts, which makes their already reasonable beer prices a total steal.  Genius!

Bringing joy to my life one slice at a time

Bringing joy to my life one slice at a time

Mellow Mushroom

212 21st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37203

Website – there’s a special discount code available here, good for 10% off food until October 1, so hurry!

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ETA: On a recent visit, when I ordered BBQ Tofu as a topping, my server mentioned she did not think it was vegan.  She went into the kitchen to check and, alas, the BBQ sauce contains dairy.  I hate it when this kind of thing happens.  Seriously.