A not-very-definitive guide to eating (and living) as a vegan in Nashville.

Crow’s Nest August 27, 2009

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Veggie Burger and Blue Moon

Veggie Burger and Blue Moon

I had never been to Crow’s Nest before I wrote this post.  In fact, I had never even heard of it before I went there.  It’s basically a sports bar, but it’s two stories and it has two patios: one on the ground level one upstairs (two, really, if you count the one out front and the one out back as separate patios).  Unfortunately, there is not much parking.  The Green Hills Kroger is just across the way, and they have a ton of parking spaces (far more than are necessary for the shoppers) but they have all these signs about how you shouldn’t park there or you will be towed.  Don’t tell anyone, but I parked at Kroger and didn’t get towed.  Do that at your own risk.  I met up with big group of people here, and it was a good setting for that.  When I first saw the menu, I thought I would be eating french fries and a side salad, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a vegan veggie burger.

Black Bean Burger and Fries

Black Bean Burger and Fries

This is a Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle patty.  A lot of local restaurants serve this patty, and it’s a reliable standby.  You can also pick them up at most of the local grocery stores.  I asked them for some fresh avocado to top it with (which is the best way to eat one of these: avocado and salsa) but they didn’t have any.  I’ve had a lot of these particular patties and they’re really good as long as they weren’t cooked in a microwave.  This one clearly was not, plus the bun was toasted–bonus!  I didn’t ask if they cooked the patty on a separate section of the grill, but if that’s something that’s important to you I would suggest that you inquire about it.  I also didn’t ask if the fries were fried separately from things like chicken tenders.  These are things that are not important to my personal definition of veganism, but I understand that they are important to many vegans, so be sure to ask for yourself.  Also, every time you talk to a server and say “I am vegan and I need vegan food,” we increase the demand for vegan products and awareness of veganism in general.  On an unrelated note, it was happy hour when I was there, and beer prices were reasonable.  Decent selection.

The best thing about Crow’s Nest?  It’s just down the block from Greenhouse Bar, one of the best bars in the city.  They don’t serve food so I’m not featuring them, but you should definitely check it out as soon as possible, even though getting in and out of Green Hills is ridiculous.

Crow’s Nest

2221 Bandywood Drive

Nashville, TN 37215

(615) 783-0720

Website – if you check out the drink and food menus on their website, there are hilarious misspellings, like “Cutty Shark.”  Additionally, Yazoo is listed as an import.  That’s right, imported all the way from the old Marathon Motorworks building.

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