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Frist Center Cafe November 5, 2009

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Frist - portobello sandwich

Portobello Sandwich

Who doesn’t love the Frist Center?  I certainly love checking out the art, especially when my student ID will get me free admittance (every Thursday and Friday from 5:00 – 9:00 PM).  What I did not know until relatively recently is that the Frist Cafe is a happening lunch spot.  The dining area is really inviting–loving the fresh flowers on the tables–and there’s a great patio if you’re in the mood for al fresco.  Also, their menu, while not a smorgasboard of vegan delights, is surprisingly veg-friendly.

The Portobello Mushroom Sandwich is supposed to be served with basil pesto and fontina cheese.  Omit these two ingredients and you have yourself a vegan sandwich, consisting of a portobello mushroom cap, sliced tomato, and red onion, served on focaccia.  I specifically had the cashier check on the vegan status of the bread and the mushroom cap.  I asked for balsamic vinaigrette on the side so the sandwich wouldn’t be too dry, and was kind of disappointed when it came in a pouch, but at least I could read the ingredients list for myself.  I really loved this sandwich, even though putting salad dressing on it made a huge mess everywhere.  The mushroom cap was really tasty and filling.  If I was having it again, I would probably add some lettuce.

I had a fruit cup as my side, and it really hit the spot.  It complemented the sandwich quite nicely.  One of my dining companions had the potato chips, for which the Frist is apparently famous, which are made fresh on-site.  I had a couple and they were quite delicious, but I’m still glad I got the fruit.

I liked the Frist Cafe.  I’ll probably be back.  They have some salads that could probably be veganized and they occasionally have vegan soups.  Plus, I love the Frist.

Frist Center Cafe

919 Broadway

Nashville, TN 37203



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4 Responses to “Frist Center Cafe”

  1. kuntrageous Says:

    I really appreciate what you’re doing!
    While my signature indicates a WordPress blog; i actually use blogger; so it’s
    I’m a vegan in Nashville too so i thought i’t say hello 🙂

    • Nashvegan Says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s nice to know people like what I’m doing. And I’ve always seen your blog address come up correctly in your comments. Great to see like-minded Nashvegan bloggers!

  2. baba Says:

    last time i was at the frist, i checked the ingredients and there were mono glycerides in the bread they were using that day… did you check on that? i really do wish everything non-vegan could be starred or otherwise marked so lay-people could interpret the ingredients. it’s so frustrating to try to communicate all this stuff to a server who has no knowledge of veganism whatsoever.

    • Nashvegan Says:

      When I was there, I didn’t look at the ingredient list for the bread myself, I asked if the bread contained “eggs, dairy, or honey.” I suppose it’s possible that it contained mono-glycerides.

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